Troubleshooting page


Low Vapor –                                                    What To Do:
Smoking liquid is not enough,                           refill the cartridge
Battery power is not enough,                            bad connection, recharge or replace the battery
Too much smoking liquid                                  smoking without the cartridge, blow from the atomizer end
Inhale too strong                                               do not puff too strong, you may get more smoke with less inhaling
Air flow channel is blocked                               do not block air flow channel
No Vapor –                                                           What To Do:
Bad power contacts                                          clean the contacts or tighten the contacts
The switch is always off                                    tap to switch on
Bad atomizer                                                     if the battery is good but no light, the atomizer should be replaced
Bad battery                                                        if the atomizer is good but no light, the battery should be replaced
Charger light does not change                      What To Do:
Bad contacts                                                     clean and tight the contacts                                                          
Bad battery                                                        if the charger is good, the battery should be replaced
Bad charger                                                       if the battery is good, the charger should be replaced
The most common reason for low vapor is not enough liquid in the cartridge. If you are getting low vapor or a slight burnt taste, just remove the cartridge and drip 2-3 drops of liquid in the cartridge, and 1-2 drops directly on the atomizer.
How Long Does A Cart last: Carts last anywhere from 20-60 puffs. It really depends on how long a puff you take. There is no cut off on the manual batteries.
How Long Does A Battery Charge Last: A battery charge will last anywhere from 1.5-6 hours depending on how often you use the unit
Initial Bad Taste:
When you first use your e-Cig, you may experience a not so nice taste. This is a result of a primer fluid that the manufacturer puts in the atomizer to ensure you don’t dry vape the device and harm the unit. The primer fluid should vape off in a short period of time, and the full flavor of the liquid will come to the fore front.

Why Does My Battery Blink:
When your battery needs to be charged, it will blink a few times.

If you can’t find a solution all the above, contact us at:  and we’ll try to find a solution for you.