Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your purchase  
The mini cigarette 901
Congratulation and thank you for purchasing the electronic cigarette.
You can now start a healthier lifestyle.
The electronic cigarette is a non flammable electronic atomiser device. It adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomizing technology. The e-liquid, a 10 ml bottle included in you package, contain a perfumery compound special for electronic cigarette. It can refresh the smokers and satisfy their smoking needs. The essential differences between the electronic cigarette and the ordinary cigarettes are as follows:
1 No nicotine, tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients to human body
2 no ignition required, without over 4000 chemical substance produced by the ordinary cigarettes
3 Harmless to others and the environment, no passive smoking.
4 No possibly to cause fire, it can be used in most no-smoker places.
Notice of use and caution
1-The special components must be used and the proper operation and procedures must be followed to prevent any unnecessary malfunction and damage of the product.
2-Refill or replace the cartridge as the smoke volume is reduced
3-If the indicator light continuously flash for 10 times, please replace by a fully charged battery.
4- The charger can work in a normal condition with the voltage AC-100V-240V, 50/60Hz
5-Keep the electronic cigarette separate from other articles to avoid collision
6-Do not dismantle or alter the product, you risk damage the product and endanger yourself
7-Keep away from high temperature environnement in use or storage.
8-keep away of children’s reaches
9-For people with adverse reaction, stop using the product and consult your health centre.
10- We suggest inhaling electronic cigarette vapour according to the time and frequency of the standard tobacco cigarette.
11- Unplug the charger when not charging a battery or cleaning de device.
Step 1: screw the battery and the atomizer together by turning them in the right-hand direction
Step 2: remove de sealed cap from the cartridge.
Step3: fill you cartridge with the 10ml bottle of e-liquid included in you package
Srtep4: put the cartridge into the atomiser.
At first, put the cartridge into the atomizer vertically for 3 to 5 minute to let the liquid immerge the atomizer head. From the second cartridge, you won’t need to wait and can enjoy the smoking just by inserting the cartridge into the atomizer.
The electronic circuit will start to work as the electronic Cigarette is inhaled by the mouth, and the indicator light will be lit up simultaneously. When inhalation is stopped, the atomisation and operating mode will turn to standby state. It is recommended to place it horizontally to prevent the liquid back to your mouth.
To avoid atomizer overheating, every time the user inhale more than 5 second, the light will continuously flash 2 times, and then stop working, warning you to reduce your inhalation time.
Use of the battery charger: Please screw the battery into the charger. The indicator light in the battery will be on when charging, and off after full recharge. The charge time is about 2.5 hours. When the power supply is cut off, the battery light will flash 3 times.

  Trouble shooting

1- When the indicator light flash 10 times, replace by a full charge battery
2- When vapour volume is reduce, refill or replace the cartridge
3- No Vapour: If the indicator light is up when you are inhaling but there is still no vapour, please check whether if the battery is properly screwed. This may also indicate that the atomiser need to be replaced as overused from optimal use.
4- If you do not find solution to your problem, we’re here to help! Call 514-331-6172 or send a email to  we’ll try to find a solution to your problem
The 510/510T Electronic Cigarette!
For safe and effective use of E-Cigarette and its supporting products, please read through the following information carefully before use and follow the standard operating procedures strictly.
The 510/510T E-Cigarette consists of a power supply with a manual & automatic switch, atomization chamber, and a cartridge. If you have a small black button on the side, it is a manual battery. When you push the manual switch the 510 will be activated. Hold the button in only as long as you are using the e-cigarette and release it between uses. If there is no button, it is a automatic battery, use as a normal cigarette.
Unpack the cartridge, atomizer and power supply.  Fill the cartridge or the tank in case of 510T, with your favorite E-Liquid and click the cartridge in the atomizer. Screw a power supply on the atomizer. Your 510 is now ready for use. If you are using a manual battery, push the manual button for no longer than 5 seconds to avoid overheating the atomizer. If vaporize continuously or shows signs of over heating, stop the usage, unscrew all parts and contact your retailer.
Power supply replacement:
The 510/510T E-Cigarette power supply needs to be recharged when the light on the tip of the battery blink or the unit produces no more vapors.
Cartridge/ tank replacement & refill:
510: If during the use of this unit, vapor is found to be significantly reduced, the cartridge needs to be refill.
510T simply turn your E-Cigarette upside down to see if there still E-liquid in the cartridge.
Atomizer clean up:
The atomizer does not need to be cleaned with water. However, if you should encounter persisting mal performance you can try to rinse the atomizer with water and by blowing the water through the atomizer several times. The atomizer should be dried with a hairdryer after this process. When the atomizer is fully dry, insert a new cartridge, place the unit vertically and let the liquid penetrate the atomizer for a few minutes. It helps to drop a small amount of liquid directly onto the atomizer to kick start it in case the atomizer is still too dry.
510/510T power supply function for max 200 to 250 puffs per charge. The Power supply can be charged and used 200 times. After more than 200 charging and usage cycles, their functioning span lessens significantly.
Screw the dedicated Power supply in the USB charger. Connect the USB charger to the power outlet. 1. The first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 2. Use for 20 minutes. 3. Charge the Power supply for another 1 hour. Your Power supply is now ready for normal use. Normal charging time should be kept for 1 hour (even if the LED light turns green). Do not use the charger in damp areas. Do not charge the Power supply near a high-temp heat source. Do not weld or pierce the Power supply. If the Power supply is found to be emitting any odor or heat or be discolored or deformed or have any abnormally during charging, please cut off the power source immediately and remove the Power supply from the body or charger and suspend the use of it. The 510/510T charger can only be used with the 510/510T dedicated Power supply. Do not try to use this charger to charge other kinds of Power supply. Please keep the 510/510T and its components from the reach of children or animals.
Screw the dedicated Power supply in the USB charger. Insert the USB charger cable into the USB port of your computer, USB Home Charger, USB car charger. Do not charge Power supply outdoors or in a damp environment. Keep all parts out of children's reach.
We do not accept any warranty/indemnity claims in case of wrong usage. If you are carrying the 510/510T with you, please carry it separately in order to avoid scratches or damage due to collision with other parts such as keys or mobile phones. The use of any un-dedicated components will lead to malfunction and damage of this product. Please dispose of old Power supply in your local Power supply recycling collection point. When driving, please ensure your strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where you are staying.
Storage: The 510/510T E-Cigarette and its supporting parts should be kept away from children's reach and stored safely in a non-damp environment. E-Cigarettes are ADULT DEVICES .They are NOT to be marketed as a "healthy" or smoking cessation device.
The 510/510T should be maintained regularly.
Clean the screws threads of the different parts such as atomizer, chargers and Power supply with a tissue dipped in purified un-perfumed alcohol (please refer to your local drugstore). Clean screw thread will provide better electric conduction. Blow into the atomizer once and a while to evacuate left over liquid. Remove cartridge at night. Put the atomizer to dry for the night on a dry rack.
Power supply and charger: E-Cigarette is powered by a 3.7 V special Power supply. The charger is specially adapted for 510/510T Power supply. The input voltage of the USB home charger is AC100V-240V 50/60Hz. The input voltage of the USB car charger is DC12V-24V. The input voltage of the USB Power supply computer charger is DC5V. Pay attention to the value of the local voltage to be in accordance to the charger.
Use of E-Liquid
Here is a quick rundown of the terminology and techniques -
Refers to removing the cartridge and placing 1-2 drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer. You usually get about 15-18 puffs (one cigarette) from this method, of course, your mileage may vary.
Is the term used for taking blank or used cartridges or tank and refilling them with e-liquid.
510: This is done by removing the "filter" in the cartridge, placing about a half inch of liquid directly into it, and then replacing the filter. Add about 1-2 drops directly to the filter and wait about 5 minutes to allow the wadding to absorb the liquid. Repeat until your placed 6-8 drops in each cartridge. Then turn it over (large open end down) and let dry.
510T: This is done by removing the cap in the cartridge, filling to ¾ of the thank capacity and replace the cap on the cartridge.

Assuming there are 15-18 puffs in a cigarette (or e-cigarette use) each 20ml bottle is roughly equal to 200-300 cigarettes. The cartridges will last until they become loose and not fit as tightly on the atomizer.  In the case of the 510, the filter will become compacted and no longer hold liquid.  You get the idea. Basically, each cartridge should be used for no longer than one week.
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